Additional study visit: Renewable marine fuel

We have added a pre conference study visit 17 May:
Renewable marine fuel (The orange tour)

ScandiNAOS pilot vessel.

ScandiNAOS pilot vessel.

ScandiNAOS AB in Sweden is developing fossil free propulsion for vessels since 2009, when we started evaluating methanol as a fuel for marine engines. Today m/s Stena Germanica is provided with methanol for their main engines totaling 24 MW. As a ship design company we have participated in the fuel storage, bunkering and safety design. Since two years back we are heading two fossil free ship projects, Summeth and Green Pilot.

Summeth (Sustainable Marine Methanol) aims for market and safety/risk analysis, vessel system design and engine laboratory tests of methanol engines. Green Pilot is a straight hands-on project where the Swedish Maritime Administration has provided a two engine pilot vessel to be converted to be operable on methanol.

ScandiNAOS has access to a Scania 13 liter diesel engine of 405 kW and a Fitech W12 engine of 320 kW. Both engines have now been converted to run on methanol/ethanol and been load tested. The Fitech engine is now installed in the pilot vessel to be test run during the summertime.

We would like to demonstrate that fossil free alcohols are efficient and environmental friendly fuels to meet the future requirements of climate neutral transports. Therefore, ScandiNAOS invites you to Klippan, Göteborg, for a demonstration on board our converted pilot vessel.

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