Challenges and opportunities with the new Renewable Energy Directive for Nordic countries

Jaakko Jokinen, Senior Principal, Industry Northern Europe Pöyry


Jaakko Jokinen is in charge of Pöyry Management Consulting biorefining business area comprising of traditional pulp production as well as novel bioproducts from liquid biofuels to bichemicals and biomaterials. He joined Pöyry Management Consulting in 1998 and has been working with a wide variety of topics with main focus all the time being in new industrial concepts with the aim to create new business from renewable raw materials. Jaakko has given many presentations both in international conferences as well as capital market day events and board meetings of stock listed companies.

About the speech:

I will be delivering a snapshot how the Nordic countries already offer a solid and growing market for liquid biofuels that is essential for new the existing biofuel producers and for new projects in particular.