Expansion of Europe’s largest biorefinery in changing EU biofuels policy

Eric Sievers, CEO, Pannonia Ethanol


Eric Sievers, Director- Investments, for Ethanol Europe holds a a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a J.D. from Yale Law School. Ethanol Europe owns Pannonia Ethanol, Europe’s largest biorefinery, in rural Hungary. Pannonia Ethanol opened in 2012 and now produces 450 million liters per year of bioethanol and supports more than 2000 jobs. Before Ethanol Europe, Eric was an infrastructure lawyer and banker and financed the construction or acquisition of more than 5 billion liters of biofuels and 10GW of power generation, as well as toll roads, renewable energy installations and other industrial assets.

About the speech: 

Time and again, we decide not to invest in advanced biofuels, despite our interest and capabilities. A regulated industry founded on myths and whose regulator is detached from reality means that well informed financial investors will not, and other investors will probably not, invest.