Methanol-fueled engines: State of the art and future potential

Sebastian Verhelst, Professor, Ghent University


Dr. Sebastian Verhelst is a full-time Associate Professor of Internal Combustion Engines, at Ghent University. He has led multiple national and international projects, primarily on alternative fuels, next to in-cylinder heat transfer, and medium speed diesel engines. He has authored over 50 papers in international journals, 5 book chapters and over 100 papers in the proceedings of international conferences.

Dr. Verhelst is president of the Belgian Society of Automotive Engineers (UBIA). He has been awarded with the 2005 VDK Prize for Sustainable Development for his PhD, with the 2013 CIMAC President’s Award for a paper he co-authored, and with the 2014 SAE Forest R. McFarland Award.

About the speech:

The talk will explain why methanol is a compelling alternative fuel, in the short term as well as in the long run. After briefly explaining its sustainable production, its advantages as an engine fuel will be discussed. Finally, results from engine tests and future potential will be highlighted as well as ongoing demonstration.