Myth: Commercialization of large scale production of lignocellulosic fuels is just around the corner

Dina Bacovsky, Unit Head Biofuels, Bioenergy 2020+


Dina Bacovsky graduated from Vienna University of Technology with a Degree in Process Engineering. She is Head of the Unit Biofuels at BIOENERGY 2020+. She is active in two IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs): Advanced Motor Fuels TCP and Bioenergy TCP, Task 39 on Liquid Biofuels.
Her activities include research, consulting and information exchange on biofuels production and use, policies and implementation. Dina Bacovsky has assessed oil and biodiesel quality from 30 different feedstocks, supported the harmonisation of GHG calculations for biofuels in the EU and monitored the development of advanced biofuels production facilities. Her worldwide overview on 2nd generation biofuels demonstration facilities has received much interest in the biofuels community. With her team she carries out research on algae cultivation and processing, and actively engages in information exchange in scientific networks.

About the speech:

I will provide insight into the status of development of advanced biofuels production technologies and the related demonstration facilities. We will check whether advanced biofuels are just around the corner, and for how long they might still be.