Progress and hurdles of getting biofuels in the air

Martin Porsgaard, Director, NISA


Broad experience in developing and coordinating strategies and policies, planning and development of new energies for future sustainable transport, – network and project management, executing CSR/sustainability processes on national- and international level. Broad experience in relationships with stakeholders, communication and contacts with all kind of media, customers, NGOs, partners, research institutions, politicians etc.

About the speech:

Share experiences and ideas gained through working with NISA, researchers, suppliers, producers and also by participating in Nordic and international efforts to push forward a sustainable biofuel agenda and production
1. It is aviation’s goal is to become more sustainable also in terms of environment and climate. Aviation has made many improvements and taken many initiatives to reduce its emissions, but access to sustainable jet fuel is a prerequisite for achieving the objectives.
2. The aviation sector urges the politicians and the producers to prioritize the development and supply of sustainable jetfuel. We need the politicians to put sustainable jetfuel higher on the political agenda
3. Launch of national and cross-national initiatives could start and stimulate the maturing and upscaling of the market