Commercialising marine biofuels, a market perspective

Sjors Geraedts, Head of Business Development, GoodFuels

The Netherlands

Sjors is head of the business development and innovation team of GoodFuels. He focuses on maximizing the value of current and novel technologies for marine biofuel production and opportunities for supply chain development for the marine sector. Before joining GoodFuels, he worked as a researcher for the Copernicus institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. He holds an MSc in Energy Science (Cum Laude) from Utrecht University.

About the presentation:

The maritime industry faces a large challenge to switch from the current fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives, in order to drastically cut its carbon emissions. This brings along opportunities for new fuel products to find their way to the marine market. Already some first movers are switching to advanced marine biofuels, because of favorable market circumstances. With new regulations coming into play in the next years, this market is starting to gain momentum. For biofuel producers, this is the time to get involved to take full advantage of this. I will talk about what the drivers, the opportunities and the barriers are for marine biofuels.